Logbook and Basic Servicing

All vehicles require routine servicing to ensure that they are operating their best and to prevent any expensive damage occurring. Our highly skilled team will perform routine maintenance tasks such as oil and filter changes, ensuring optimal fuel efficiency and performance are maintained. Our qualified technicians can repair your vehicle using original parts so that you maintain your factory warranty. Other tasks such as a full vehicle safety assessment will be performed to note any worn or damaged parts throughout the vehicle. To book your vehicle in for a service, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Roadworthy Certificates

Having your roadworthy inspection performed by a skilled technician is vital to the safety of your vehicle on the road. Our experienced staff will use the latest tools and equipment to determine how safe your vehicle is for road use. We are also a light vehicle licensed VicRoads roadworthy inspector, up to 4.5 tonnes. You will be provided with a clear understandable report of any repairs that may need to be carried out before a roadworthy can be attained. Contact us today to book in for your roadworthy inspection.

Steering, Suspension and Tyres

The steering, suspension and the tyres of your vehicle are all major components that have a dramatic effect on the vehicles handling. If any of these parts are worn, your vehicle will not handle as intended from the factory, making it unsafe and unpredictable to drive. At Rons Auto Service Centre we can professionally align your vehicles wheels, improving fuel efficiency and decreasing tyre wear. We can also supply and fit a wide range of tyres for all makes and models, as well as repair or replace suspension components. To get your car handling like new once again, visit the team at Rons Auto Service Centre today.

Auto-Electrical and Batteries

For inexperienced technicians, auto-electrical repairs can be time consuming and expensive. This isn't the case for our skilled staff at Rons Auto Service Centre, using the latest tools and equipment, we'll have you back on the road sooner. We can also supply and fit new batteries for all makes and models. We exclusively use Supercharge batteries for their superior quality and longevity. To book your vehicle in for repair or a quote on a new battery, please don't hesitate to contact us.

LPG Repairs and Installations

At Rons Auto Service Centre, we are an AAFRB qualified LPG service centre. Cars that operate on LPG require a specially trained technician to carry out repairs to ensure they operate safely and efficiently. Trust our skilled team with your LPG repairs and they will quickly and professionally repair any aspect of your LPG system. We can also install LPG systems in a huge range of vehicles. For a quote on repair or installation, contact our team today.

Brake Repairs

Like any other part of your vehicle, the brakes of your car can wear over time and not perform as originally intended from the factory. At Rons Auto Service Centre, we can machine, repair and replace brake parts on any make or model of car. Being able to machine brake rotors extends their life, saving our customers money. If you aren't confident in your car's braking power, contact us today to arrange a quote on repair.

Cooling System Repairs

Cars rely on combustion within their engines to produce their power, a side effect of this combustion is heat being produced. If your cooling system isn't working effectively, your vehicle's temperature can increase to a point where parts are damaged resulting in extremely costly repairs being needed. We can replace head gaskets, flush cooling systems and replace your coolant to ensure your motor is operating at the correct temperature. Contact us today for all your cooling system repair needs.

Exhaust Repairs

The exhaust of your vehicle restricts the noise output from your motor and dispels the gases produced from combustion. If it is worn or broken, your vehicles efficiency can be decreased and excessive emissions can be produced. At Rons Auto Service Centre, we can repair or replace exhaust parts on all makes and models of vehicle. If your vehicle is louder than normal or you'd like an assessment on repair, contact us today.

EFI Tuning

Your vehicles EFI system is responsible for delivering the fuel effectively into the motor for it to be used to produce power. These systems can be tuned in such a way that different engine output aspects such as torque and horsepower are affected. Our highly skilled team can tune your fuel injection system so that it's performing its very best, delivering optimal power and torque. To book in for repair or speak to one of our staff about EFI tuning, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Air Conditioner Repairs and Re-gas

Your air conditioner can dramatically affect your driving experience if it's malfunctioning, especially considering the wide variety of weather we experience in Victoria. Our team can repair and re-gas air conditioners for all makes and models of vehicle, so that you can drive in comfort once again. To book in for an air conditioner repair, contact our team today.

Windscreen Replacement

Having a cracked windscreen can not only be difficult to see through, the crack often affects the structural integrity of the windscreen. At Rons Auto Service centre we can supply and fit windscreens for all makes and models so that you'll have clear vision once again. If you've cracked your windscreen and needs a quote on replacement, contact our team today.