Bendix are an industry leader producing top quality brake pads. They reputation to produce top quality brake pads is renowned across Australia as being the best in the business. We exclusively use Bendix on all of our repairs because we know that they outperform the competition. For a quote on Bendix brake pads for your car, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Castrol are producers of top quality oils and lubricants for automotive use and other industries. Castrol's reputation is well known, even outside of our industry. Castrol supply our workshop with top quality oils and lubricants so that we can perform our repairs as professionally as possible. We only trust the very best products at Rons Auto Service Centre, which is why we trust Castrol.

Clutch Industries

Clutch Industries are our exclusive supplier of clutch components. Clutch Industries supply our team with full clutch kits, clutch covers, clutch plates and flywheels. Clutch Industries are an Australian company with over 60 years experience producing top quality clutch components. If your clutch needs repairing, contact us today for a repair.


Motorcraft are manufacturers of a huge range of components for automotive use. Their aftermarket replacement parts are fantastic quality and great value for money. At Rons Auto Service Centre, we use Motorcraft parts in many of our repairs. Motorcraft's huge range of parts includes auto-electrical components, cooling system parts, drivetrain parts, filters and fuel pumps just to name a few.


NGK are an industry leader that produces top quality spark plugs. Internationally renowned as the benchmark for top quality spark plugs, NGK provide Rons Auto Service Centre with spark plugs for all of our repairs. We insist on only the best products being used for our repairs, which is why we use NGK spark plugs. For a quote on new spark plugs for your car, contact our team today.


Repco have been involved in the automotive industry for many years, as an automotive part retailer but also as a part manufacturer. Repco supplies our workshop with top quality components for our repairs. Their huge range of parts means that you're never left waiting for your repair, and we'll get you back on the road sooner.


Along with our other top quality parts, Ryco are our supplier for all our filter needs. Ryco produce top quality air, oil, cabin filters and a variety of other products. Renowned as producing the best filters in the industry, our team uses Ryco products in all our services and repairs. With Ryco's company history dating back almost 80 years, they know how to produce top quality products.